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TheEye System

Artificial Intelligence for Process Control & Quality Assurance

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Environmental Impact

  • Reduction of Production Waste 

  • Reduction in Fossil Fuel Usage

  • Reduced 'Quality' Budget

  • Reduced Carbon Footprint

Concept & Technology

TheEye System allows real-time product monitoring, improving the accuracy, efficiency and responsiveness of your Quality Control on an ongoing basis:

Combining Thermal and Polarimetric imagery with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Field of Application

Extraction and traceability of quality control information on parts and products from industrial manufacturing processes in different sectors -e.g.

  • Automotive

  • Rail

  • Cosmetic

  • Aerospace 

  • Medical


  • Short Shots

  • Voids

  • Colour Acuity

  • Deformation

  • Surface Faults

Thanks for your Interest !

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